Google Apps for Business

Have you ever experienced helplessness whenever you are unable to communicate with your colleagues due to some ‘technical problem’? Have you been in an awkward situation where you are not aware of a major deal that your company has bagged, while everybody else knows about it? The developers at Google have strived hard to come up with Google apps for business that is a one-stop solution for all individuals involved in a single business to keep each other constantly updated. The four main apps that make up the Google Business solutions are discussed below.


The Google Email is the easiest app to use and most intelligent. It provides us with a complete business communication tool that also lets us custom organize our mails. The priority inbox feature enables us to prioritize our emails that include labeling as well. A significant feature is that the email ID can be a instead of IM, chat and video features further enhances the mobility enjoyed by people without being out-of-communication.


The Google calendar is specialized in a way that it blends into Google Mail for all practical purposes. An important feature is we can work with the groups created in the email. This app is highly interactive and user-friendly giving us an impression that it may actually be a separate entity. An individual’s appointments and schedules can be maintained as private or can also be shared with intended individuals or groups for improved communication between the employees and the clients. There is transparency in this application.


Google Docs are similar to MS Office docs in the text editing feature. Google Docs additionally provide the feature of multiple users editing a single file all at the same time. It supports all formats of files, hence no overhead in uploading and downloading of files. These docs can be accessed from either a PC or a mobile or a tablet or on any device with an internet connection. This app includes excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations and forms as well.


This app empowers entrepreneurs to create their own sites in a hassle free manner. The Google sites consolidate the company information and arrange it on a single page. This simple app acts as a container of all the necessary files related to the company for easy access or retrieval from any place and any time. This app is OS friendly since it is compatible with all operating systems, apart from windows.

Cloud Connect

The Cloud connect app is the latest and the most advanced of the apps. It is a summation of all the four above apps, that helps a user work individually as well as with groups. This feature allows us to simultaneously edit and save a single file multiple times by multiple users. Its potential capability is huge.

These Google apps definitely make life easier by cutting down IT and maintenance costs. Although it will be made available, after a 30-day free trial, for a nominal fee of five dollars per person, per month.

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