Make Money Selling Digital Information Easily

I’m amazed at how new people (newbies) don’t believe me. One of my articles states that it is by far more profitable, for the vast majority of people to advertise free. It’s also easier selling digital information, because it usually cost nothing to create and replicate.

The newbies seem to think that PPC (paid per click advertising) is a successfully growing ethic. Some how, they believe, “when you spend more money, you’ll get more profit.” This astonished me. I turned on my computer, logged into my forum and read the newbie disbelief. They had me thinking for a moment, as if I wrote something wrong. Thoughts of “how do I explain free advertising” came threw my mind. How does one explain something so good? Should I use words like yummy or draw a diagram?

It’s truly a phenomenon, how fast Google picks up on keyword phrases submitted by certain social networks. This inspired me to package a new product and perhaps call it “Contextual Web Kung Fu” or something like that. It should deal with hitting contextual web pressure points. You know, the juggler vain of internet marketing. Yeah hunt them down like zebras and capture prospects at their drinking well. Now imagine acting like Jungle Jim on TV. Excuse me for being a bit romantic, however I have a new enthusiasm about marketing digital information via free advertising . This stuff is powerful and I really owe credit to success by failing so many times. I failed at free advertising so much until a portal became more apparent to me. My hypothetical title Contextual Kung Fu is a method of breaking down an imaginary gate in front of a mythical web income portal. This is metaphoric rambling , if you will , to explain the mechanics of selling digital information and keeping overhead down.

Now you can step inside and experience control. You can control how much you attract to the drinking water and what amount of prisoners will be captured. Notice I speak of capturing prisoners. This is my way of expressing prisoners of love and devotion. As marketers, you will most likely establish followers who watch your internet presence for basically two reasons. 1. They’ll watch you anticipating your defeat. 2. They will cheer you on as their Guru and want to participate. It sounds crazy and perhaps it is, to the average mind. The difference between craziness and sanity here is “the money.” Selling digital information with Free advertising definitely makes money. Just think about it. Nothing cost you as the marketer. The product cost you virtually nothing and the means of advertising cost you nothing. Aside from the cost of being online (your isp) , when ever you sell, all of the gross income can actually be net (profit) .

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