Motorola DROID – Get One for Free

Do you want a Motorola DROID but can’t afford one? Then let me tell you there is a way to get one for free. Yes, that’s right, you could have your own DROID without spending a single cent and with just a tiny bit of work. Read on to find out how.

There’s no secret: people taking part in various programs get the hottest gadgets on the market for free. The Motorola DROID makes no exception and the easiest way to get one is by taking part in a software testing program. It might sound complicated but you actually need no technical skills, references or previous experience to participate. That’s because the software manufacturers want regular people to test their merchandise after the programmers have finished developing and testing the application from a technical point of view.

The software manufacturer will provide you with a DROID which has their application installed on it and ask you to use it just like an average consumer would – only when you actually need it. Applications range from mp3 players to document readers so, as you can see, nothing too complicated.

After the testing period is over they will ask for your honest feedback on how their application behaved in real life situations and whether or not you found it easy to use. And as a reward for your services you will get to keep the DROID you’ve just tested for free instead of being paid in cash. A really good deal considering all you have to do is just use a mobile phone a couple of minutes a day.

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Make Money Selling Digital Information Easily

I’m amazed at how new people (newbies) don’t believe me. One of my articles states that it is by far more profitable, for the vast majority of people to advertise free. It’s also easier selling digital information, because it usually cost nothing to create and replicate.

The newbies seem to think that PPC (paid per click advertising) is a successfully growing ethic. Some how, they believe, “when you spend more money, you’ll get more profit.” This astonished me. I turned on my computer, logged into my forum and read the newbie disbelief. They had me thinking for a moment, as if I wrote something wrong. Thoughts of “how do I explain free advertising” came threw my mind. How does one explain something so good? Should I use words like yummy or draw a diagram?

It’s truly a phenomenon, how fast Google picks up on keyword phrases submitted by certain social networks. This inspired me to package a new product and perhaps call it “Contextual Web Kung Fu” or something like that. It should deal with hitting contextual web pressure points. You know, the juggler vain of internet marketing. Yeah hunt them down like zebras and capture prospects at their drinking well. Now imagine acting like Jungle Jim on TV. Excuse me for being a bit romantic, however I have a new enthusiasm about marketing digital information via free advertising . This stuff is powerful and I really owe credit to success by failing so many times. I failed at free advertising so much until a portal became more apparent to me. My hypothetical title Contextual Kung Fu is a method of breaking down an imaginary gate in front of a mythical web income portal. This is metaphoric rambling , if you will , to explain the mechanics of selling digital information and keeping overhead down.

Now you can step inside and experience control. You can control how much you attract to the drinking water and what amount of prisoners will be captured. Notice I speak of capturing prisoners. This is my way of expressing prisoners of love and devotion. As marketers, you will most likely establish followers who watch your internet presence for basically two reasons. 1. They’ll watch you anticipating your defeat. 2. They will cheer you on as their Guru and want to participate. It sounds crazy and perhaps it is, to the average mind. The difference between craziness and sanity here is “the money.” Selling digital information with Free advertising definitely makes money. Just think about it. Nothing cost you as the marketer. The product cost you virtually nothing and the means of advertising cost you nothing. Aside from the cost of being online (your isp) , when ever you sell, all of the gross income can actually be net (profit) .

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Quick and Easy Computer Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a popular way to collect and preserve our family history and other memories. Scrapbooks are records of people and events but they include relevant mementos to enhance and give background to the pictures and words.

Scrapbooks may focus a family’s history, a person’s life or a special event (such as a journey or a wedding), hobby, pets or other personal interest.

Scrapbooks become family treasures to be shared with relatives and heirlooms which are handed down through generations.

Scrapbooks grew in popularity from the time when it became possible to make multiple copies of photographs and more advanced but cheaper and easier to use cameras were developed.

Computers are becoming more popular with scrapbookers (often called ‘scrappers’) for preparing and organizing their projects.

One drawback has been that the papers and inks used with computers did not have the durability of the archive grade paper used for traditional scrapbooking.

Some printer companies, such as Epson, have enthusiastically supported scrapbookers. They produce kits of acid-free, lignin-free matte and semi-gloss papers and low-cost Guides to help scrapbookers use their products.

Is Digital Scrapbooking Better?

Digital scrapbooking is a different way to produce parts of your scrapbook projects more quickly and often more cheaply.

You can even use your computer to produce complete projects.

It hasn’t replaced traditional methods but it is a valuable addition to any scrapper’s tool chest.

Our computers also make it possible for people like myself, with limited artistic ability and limited time, to produce scrapbooks which are much better than we ever could do without them!

Even people that are very good with the traditional methods can use their computer to organize their raw materials, enhance their projects, and save time and money.

Your computer will not remove your personality from a project. It gives you more options for expressing yourself and presenting the information.

What Do You Need?

You need very little that you probably haven’t already got, to get started with your first digital scrapbooking project.

You need:

A computer with an Internet connection. The computer which you used to view this article probably has all the power you need to organize and create your projects.

Photos and other material to make your scrapbooks from.

A camera for taking photos which you will use in projects.

If you have a digital camera, you can easily transfer your new digital pictures into your computer with the cable and program which came with your camera.

Scanning Your Pictures

If you want to use photos which were printed from a developed film and not taken with a digital camera, you will need to either to pay someone to scan them and then save them on to a DVD for you to use or get a scanner and do it yourself.

You might get a scanner or a printer combined with a scanner and perhaps a fax (usually called a multi-function printer).

Your scanner should have the highest resolution and bit depth (check the information provided on the box) which you can get.

You may not always use the maximum settings available because pictures produced at those settings are likely to be much larger computer files but buying a machine which has low values means that you will find yourself restricted from doing more detailed work when you have a project which needs it.

It is also useful if your scanner has the accessory which enables you to scan photo slides and film negatives if you are likely to want to use them in your projects.

Printers and Supplies

If you are going to produce printed versions of your scrapbook projects to the same standard and specifications as traditional scrapbooks, you will need a printer which can print on twelve inch square paper, the traditional size for scrapbook pages.

Many of the printers available cannot handle that width of paper, but you can produce nice scrapbooks with them. A lot of people produce smaller books, including pocket-size “brag” books or others with pages that can be printed on their printers.

The inks supplied for most computers printers are dye inks in four colors which can produce good results and they are getting better all the time. But, they are not likely to last or give the results which can be obtained with the more expensive pigment-based inks.

You have to decide if that is worth the higher cost to you.


You also need to consider whether you will pay the higher cost of the special archive quality paper which is suitable for use with computer printers. Epson has been supplying packs of this type of paper but there may also be other sources.

This paper is expected to be able to be stored for over 100 years where most paper produced for computer printers may only last about twenty years.

With regular computer paper supplies, you might use gloss finish paper where you are producing bright highly-colored pages. Paper with a matt finish is possibly better for softer images.

Some suppliers produce papers with different textures. You might check these out where you are producing commemorative scrapbooks about a particular event such as the first year of your child’s life etc.

Computer Programs

There are specialized computer programs available just for producing scrapbook pages. This is probably the easiest way to produce and fill your pages with your content.

These programs vary in price and features. There are even some which are free!

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Google Apps for Business

Have you ever experienced helplessness whenever you are unable to communicate with your colleagues due to some ‘technical problem’? Have you been in an awkward situation where you are not aware of a major deal that your company has bagged, while everybody else knows about it? The developers at Google have strived hard to come up with Google apps for business that is a one-stop solution for all individuals involved in a single business to keep each other constantly updated. The four main apps that make up the Google Business solutions are discussed below.


The Google Email is the easiest app to use and most intelligent. It provides us with a complete business communication tool that also lets us custom organize our mails. The priority inbox feature enables us to prioritize our emails that include labeling as well. A significant feature is that the email ID can be a instead of IM, chat and video features further enhances the mobility enjoyed by people without being out-of-communication.


The Google calendar is specialized in a way that it blends into Google Mail for all practical purposes. An important feature is we can work with the groups created in the email. This app is highly interactive and user-friendly giving us an impression that it may actually be a separate entity. An individual’s appointments and schedules can be maintained as private or can also be shared with intended individuals or groups for improved communication between the employees and the clients. There is transparency in this application.


Google Docs are similar to MS Office docs in the text editing feature. Google Docs additionally provide the feature of multiple users editing a single file all at the same time. It supports all formats of files, hence no overhead in uploading and downloading of files. These docs can be accessed from either a PC or a mobile or a tablet or on any device with an internet connection. This app includes excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations and forms as well.


This app empowers entrepreneurs to create their own sites in a hassle free manner. The Google sites consolidate the company information and arrange it on a single page. This simple app acts as a container of all the necessary files related to the company for easy access or retrieval from any place and any time. This app is OS friendly since it is compatible with all operating systems, apart from windows.

Cloud Connect

The Cloud connect app is the latest and the most advanced of the apps. It is a summation of all the four above apps, that helps a user work individually as well as with groups. This feature allows us to simultaneously edit and save a single file multiple times by multiple users. Its potential capability is huge.

These Google apps definitely make life easier by cutting down IT and maintenance costs. Although it will be made available, after a 30-day free trial, for a nominal fee of five dollars per person, per month.

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